Sunday, January 8, 2017

Capstone Week 04: Aerial Jungle Concepts

This final week of winter break and with all the feedback I have been given thus far, I worked on aerial views of more jungle concepts. This time I wanted to focus more on actual scenes that the player might encounter in-game as opposed to just snippets of environment areas. On the left is a good example of incorporating "wall-running friendly" areas.

The piece on the right is intended to be a pivotal moment in-game. There is a lot of room for this concept to grow... perhaps it could be the entrance into the installation? Perhaps this could be the exit of the jungle leading to this giant cliff... and the cliff could be the home of the "shanty town" and its inhabitants. Something I like about this cliff is that it is somewhat terraced, with individual "mini canyons" that would allow for even more wall running!

Matt also made us a spiffy new template for all MasterKey concept work. All art will now be presented on these boards in an attempt to make our style cohesive.

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